Junior Digital Marketer

  • No prior experience in marketing is required
  • Master latest marketing tech from scratch
  • Be a member of a change making startup!

We are not accepting applicants for this post at the moment.

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Job Overview:

As a digital marketer in a tech education institution, you will drive web traffic to help people avail of learning opportunities to get their dream careers as software engineers. You will be managing our web and social media, and optimizing applicant-to-student conversions through advertising. You'll learn how to master not only the usual channels like Facebook ads/pages, but also the latest technologies, such as marketing automation, chatbot, Zapier, CRM, and engineering tools such as Jenkins, Redmine, Asana and Django.

Work Scope:

  • Help develop marketing strategies by continuously improving market personae, customer journey, user funnel, and competitor research
  • Generate leads through A/B testing using Facebook ads, SEM, SEO, Content, Social Media, Chatbot, Email marketing and Marketing automation
  • As part of an agile development team, work closely with developers and UI/UX designers to update website contents and propose new features
  • Gauge, monitor, report, and analyze the performance of all digital marketing efforts to make data-based decisions quickly
  • Bring in warm leads to offline seminars to ensure there are enough enrollees for official classes
  • Other tasks that may arise related to the digital marketer role


  • Degree in any field
  • No prior experience or knowledge in marketing is required
  • Excellent written English skills
  • Data-driven thinking and an inclination for data-based initiatives
  • Able to recommend out-of-the-box initiatives
  • Design, video production, and/or audio production skills are a plus
  • Great passion for performance and learning
  • Must be a self-starter and a good team-player

Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary: P18,000 - P22,000 / month
  • Quarterly performance appraisal as basis for salary increase and bonuses
  • HMO, 15 Vacation Leave credits, 15 Sick Leave credits
  • Training allowance of up to P24,000 every 2 years
  • Lunch allowance, company outing, year-end party, and birthday blowout
  • Casual dress code and at-home culture
  • Telework or work from home may be allowed; you can work at anywhere you want for up to 25% of work time, as long as superior deems telework is more productive
  • Workdays: Monday - Fridays
  • Flextime may be permitted; except for core time from 10am-4pm, you can work for anytime you want, once superior deems flexitime is more productive

Tuitt Group

Tuitt Group

Tuitt Coding Bootcamp abides by its mission to help individuals with either an IT or non-IT background to get hired as a full stack web developer in 3 months. To bridge academic background and career goal, students learn web development skills needed to get developer jobs before being endorsed to our partner companies.

We offer a "Study-Now-Pay-Later" payment enabling students who cannot pay upfront fee, to learn coding.

As a fast-growing start-up, we have expanded from 4 to 38 full time staff members since April 2017. There are currently two labs located in Quezon City, with more labs being set-up around Metro Manila, starting with Makati.